Friday, February 19, 2016

Free "Hello, Spring" Printable

Are you ready for Spring?  Officially, it's still over a month away, but here in Austin it looks like Spring has arrived early.  This is now the second week of 80 degree temperatures.  It's crazy!  But I plan to make the best of it and spend as much time outdoors as possible, because before we know it the 100 degree days will be here and, ugh, the heat makes me absolutely miserable!

Anyway, to celebrate the arrival of this gorgeous weather, I've created a Spring-themed freebie for you.  This 8x10 inch printable features an adorable bee and flowers graphic from  Just click on the image above to download.  Happy Spring!


  1. This is very beatiful!! which program you used to do?

  2. Thank you! I downloaded the free flowers and bee graphic from, then used Photoshop to erase the existing text and replace it with my own.

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